About us

About Us

Who are we?

We want to share our passion for the French Bulldog breed by using our years of experience to continually improve our breeding program and quality of life for our French Bulldogs.

Shannon Parlogean
Shannon ParlogeanFOUNDER & OWNERS
Tracy Laws
Hillery Kirkpatrick

For nearly two decades, BlueBell Frenchie has bred French Bulldogs for outstanding health, beauty and temperament. Our Frenchie’s are confident, trustworthy, and affectionate companions. We firmly believe that early socialization in a stimulating setting brings out the French bulldog’s remarkable and entertaining personality and will enrich his entire adult life.

We have dedicated ourselves over the years to improving the quality of life for our French Bulldogs and breed out the undesirable traits that afflict so many Frenchies.
All of our dogs are fully health tested. Additionally, we only consider breeding partners for our dogs that are also fully health tested. Breeding only with healthy parents is just one part of our breeding practices. Another key aspect is to carefully match breeding partners together that will produce puppies that exhibit their best qualities and minimize introducing undesirable traits into our bloodlines.

Once the breeding has taken place and the puppies whelped, the puppies are raised inside our home and socialized from the very beginning. We concentrate our efforts on caring for and socializing our pups. We follow a unique puppy development program (neurostimulation) that gives all of our pups the best possible start in life. Our dedication to socialization & health is of the highest standards.

We source the best food and supplements, premium vet care and nutrition for both parents and puppies. Puppies stay with us until they are at least 8 weeks old – they never leave earlier than that because it is important that the puppies learn appropriate dog behavior from their mother and siblings.
During the breeding planning phase and while we are raising our puppies, we carefully screen all potential puppy owners. We do not take this process lightly! When contacting us please take the time to fill out our questionnaire. Our puppies are placed in only the best possible homes, thus we will need some information from you regarding your lifestyle.

We remain in regular contact with all of our puppy owners to provide lifelong support so it is important to us that we can work together and be able to form a relationship. We work with all of the owners of our puppies on any issues no matter how big or small – whether it is related to training, health, eating, etc. We will also take back any dog we have bred at any time during its life – ANYTIME! We are committed to the well-being of every dog we breed for its entire life.
We keep in touch with our previous customers, many of whom have already adopted a second or even third puppy from us. We do this not only to share the joy that we bring to people’s homes but also for the important and valuable feedback for our breeding program.